Did you just pay too much for your whey protein powder?

Did you just buy your whey protein tub from a local GNC or your fitness store? Or maybe you bought it online? Now, when it comes to buying protein, there are two kinds of people. There’s one that doesn’t care about price and is very loyal to a brand, no matter how expensive or cheap it is. If you are of that category, this article won’t be of much help to you.

If you are however price conscious, like you should be with anything in life, this article will tell you if you paid too much for your whey protein.

The bottom line is that you paid too much for your whey protein if you paid more than 2.5 cents per protein gram in your protein tub. We say this in a confident manner as great brands like EAS, Muscle Pharm and Nutri Cost all have whey proteins that cost well below 2.3 cents per protein gram. These protein powders have high protein content, low sugar content and low calorific content, with thousands of reviews on sites like Amazon. They sell in the millions. Why would you want to pay more for whey protein isolate when such amazing brands are giving it to you at incredible prices?

You probably are being fooled by marketing tactics where protein powders are priced very confusingly. You might see a protein tub being offered at a discount. It might be selling for only $30 when all other proteins with seemingly the same tub size sell for $40 more. For starters, the $30 tub might only be a 4 lbs. tub with a lot of filler space that contains nothing but air. Secondly, the $30 tub might have very poor protein content when you compare the cost of a protein gram on a singular basis. Don’t think you are buying the best cheap whey protein unless you have calculated the cost of a singular gram of whey protein.

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