Everything you need to know about your bullet proof vest

A bulletproof vest is a protective garment for the human body that is used as a device that absorbs the impact of bullets fired at the torso and pieces resulting from bombs and explosive devices such as grenades. It is made of different synthetic materials and laminated fibers that combined with metal or ceramic plates, this body armour can also protect the user from the attack with a knife, for that reason we also call it a stab vest.

Fortress Armour is a British company that is responsible for designing and manufacturing the best UK body armour, using materials of the highest quality and performance combined with the most innovative technology.

The use of armour equipment provides protection to some extent, some bulletproof vests are not impenetrable due to the wide variety of caliber firearms. There is very modern and complete armour that offer greater security, with reinforced components and complemented with other protective garments such as helmet, shoulder pads, side fenders, neck and inguinal protections.

The use of a stab vest or bulletproof vest is a great achievement of modern science, but there are many things you should know when using it:

-The use of the vest offers limited protection; there can always be a bullet capable of penetrating the armour due to its caliber.

– Some vests offer a guarantee between 5 and 10 years, but that guarantee depends on the use and maintenance. If you wear your vest daily, it is losing property quickly.

– Bulletproof vests are flexible, not elastic. If you gain weight it is recommended that you buy one that fits your body safely, the same way it happens if you lose weight.

– Women need a bulletproof vest for them, there are no unisex vests, and women vests need more protection at the level of the chest and must also have a bra form.

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