Health Screening – A Revolutionizing Procedure to Prevent and Heal Any Infection Effectively

Health Screening – Prevention and Disease control
The new “holistic health center” includes different, entirely holistic (entire body) oriented elements:
A. Quick, powerful, pain-free and noninvasive diagnosis,
B. Examining and immediate treatment of meridian blockages,
C. Energy treatment for more than 200 disease conditions such as cancer, and nerve- and bone related ailments,
D. Health tracking and efficient prevention to prevent future disease symptom.

A Holistic Health Center at the plan of a mini-clinic will work as the urgent demand of DoctorX health screening package Singapore and prevention. Health Screening is a new process for early noninvasive identification, usually performed in a couple of minutes. It’s founded upon the over 5.000 year old knowledge of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and will be the earliest reliable Meridian Diagnostic from the world. Cost effective and extremely precise – up 95%.
Meridian diagnostic is the core idea of effective health analyzes. A computer based high tech measurement of the 12 major meridians and its associated organs. It supplies a complete energetically picture of an individual exhibited in an easy to read graphical format. The measuring points are (20) on the palms and (20) on the feet. Total biological energy amounts, meridian balance, yin – yang, left – right, top – bottom organs, etc., is listed and may be used for potential treatment control (health screening).
Energy amounts over 50% signify health, energy, less aging, and high immune system action. Energy levels below 50% signify energy deficit, low immune system action, disease illness, and chronic ailments.
Therapy suggestions are exhibited with precise treatment factors. Among the most significant benefits of this Meridian Diagnostic is that the benefit to discover unidentified Meridian Blockages from the computer system. If one or more meridian stimulation is the individual becomes Treatment Resistant, which means no treatment is going to have satisfactory effect. Together with the BioGraph meridian diagnostic system we’re able not just to discover blockages furthermore we could handle and “delete” these blockages immediately. The individual turns from treatment immune to treatment receptive. The DoctorX health screening package Singapore effects are re-established.

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