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Minecraft is just like an open world where you can do anything you want to, farming, mining, questing, breeding, crafting, almost everything that you can create for your world. There are various gameplay modes available which include survival mode, creative mode – in this mode the player can develop whatever structure he wants to as he has an unlimited resources, adventure mode – in adventure mode players can play custom maps which are created by other players, or spectator mode – in this mode you can move freely anywhere in the minecraft game world and the type of task and the gameplay is also very different for different modes.

The game is available on almost every platform for gaming like Xbox, Playstations, PC and the game Minecraft is the best selling video game of all time, and there is hardly any game lover or a kid,born in the current decade, left in the world who has not seen this game or played by his own, this game is so popular in so little time.

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The requirements for this game to run on your pc are, OS should be Windows XP or above that, Disk space should be least 1GB and your PC should have minimum 2GB of RAM to run the game, CPU requirements are Intel Platinum D or AMD athlon 64(K8) 2.6GHz, Graphic card for is Nvidia Geforce 9600 or Radeon HD 2400 or newer than this. These are minimum requirements and if you have system with features above the listed ones then it will be a hassle free experience for you.

Minecraft and type of blocks

Blocks are what that makes Minecraft. They are building pieces that makes the world you are planning and allow you to form your imagination. Each block has got minecraft item id that allows you to select the block you want. Almost all blocks are acquired even without using the creative mode or any inventory editors.

Here is the guide on different types of bricks and stones used for building in Minecraft.
Stone Blocks
Smooth Stone
Minecraft world is mainly made of standard stones. When you mine them, it gets turn into cobblestone. Cobblestone can be baked in furnace for turning it into smooth stone.
The first stone you can build is cobblestone because it is the stone that you get from breaking regular stone block. There will be plenty of such stuff of work involved in it.
Mossy Cobblestone
Mossy Cobblestones are found in few places only like underground dungeons and temples in jungle but you can craft them from vines and cobblestone.
Sandstones are naturally occurred in desert areas and can be made by 4 blocks combination. Each stone has got minecraft id to choose the blocks you want to combine in. Sandstone can be found from ocean so when you explore caves sandstones are found.
Red Standstone
Red standstone is the red variant of natural standstone that are found in the Mesa biomes. They can also be made from the red stand and crafted as normal sandstone in the same way.
It is a rock that can be found anywhere in the world. Other than ordinary stones, Diorite cannot be used for making stairs, slabs or bricks.
It is also the same ordinary rock you can find yourself in minecraft id list and it’s found in many parts.