Things you need to know about proximity marketing beacons

What is a proximity beacon?
A proximity marketing beacons are a device used for the marketing purposes all over the world by different businesses. Beacon is usually a small device which is powered by a battery and often lasts up to a period of two years. There is no need for you to be connected to a wi-fi or some cellular data for the device to work. All you need to do is-

Take out the device and you are good to go.
Know more about proximity beacons
There are certainly more things you need to know before buying one for yourself. Some of these include the following-
1. The signal strength of the device depends on from where you are buying the device. So, just go for a good one.
2. The battery life of the device is mostly two years or up to two years.
3. Do not forget to check the processor of the device for better results. A badly processed beacon is not really going to last.
4. Also, research about the power of transmission of the device.
So, these are the things you should consider.

Proximity marketing beacons and their working
You must be wondering how proximity marketing beacons work? So, you should firstly know that the working of the device is quite a simple one. A small wireless device known all over as a proximity beacon is given to you. After that, you have to decide the message you want to convey to your customers and which is needed to be broadcasted. The proximity gem then helps you to reach your customers with any android or IOS devices.
That is all for the simple yet useful working of proximity marketing beacons and get your words spread across people with ease and comfort.

Promoxity marketing-gives you lots of benefits

proximity marketing is also known as hyper local marketing. In this type of marketing, cellular technology is used to send messages to Smartphone device users. With the help of Wi-Fi and blue tooth technology, this marketing is defined. There is no need of internet in connection to using this marketing. This marketing is growing day by day in a fast way. It proves very helpful for marketers to increase their traffic among customers. With the help of this marketing, you can do conversation about your product with customers. By using this marketing, you don’t have to advertise your product again and again.

Following are the benefits of using proximity marketing:
Different connections to customers:
This marketing provides messages in the hands of users. By reading messages, customers can get information about your product and its features. With the help of this marketing, they don’t think for a long time before buying products. Along with products, you can also give information about your services to customers. If you give information about the product through pamphlets, newspapers and much more things, then you see that people ignore it. They are not interested to read advertise in newspapers. But if you send messages directly then you can easily increase their interest.
Improves campaign strategies:
With the help of this technology you can get information about consumer behavior and their interest. By using this information, you can improve campaign and make new policies and strategies for future.

Send lots of information:
By using this marketing, you can send a large number of information at one time. You don’t have to send messages one by one. If you use it, then you can save your precious time and money. If you use another platform for providing information, then you have to waste lots of time.
By using proximity marketing, you can get the huge amount of benefits.