Life is a game of luck

We all have hear a lot of people saying that all life is a game of luck and all our things that happen in our life are just a matter of chance. This is one of those things that you used to believe easily as a child whenever something good happened with you but as you grew up you realised that the world is much more logical then that. We try to understand the practical aspect about the world and try to follow the right things in life and then all of a sudden we see people around us who are less hard working and talented getting better jobs and promotions, people who didn’t have anything became a story of rags to riches with no real effort and that is when you feel like accepting what was told to you in childhood, maybe life actually is just a game of luck.

If you contemplate about the big moments of your life, you will realise that how different your life would have been have you not been there at a certain moment, at a certain time and said or done the right thing. We often see in our daily lives how while parking, it is only a matter of seconds when you realise that how ten people are aiming for a spot and luckiest one gets it. The same thing happens in interviews and love life of a lot of people. Luck actually is a very big contributing factor to life overall in general.
The people who play games such as the Toto 4d lucky number, ramalan 4d , no ramalan 4d know the actual worth of luck. But great are the people who use the phrase that they make their own luck and some of them actually do so.