No need to carry physical wires

In the modern world where anything can be demanded anytime and anywhere, the excuses for not keeping the self up to date shall be excused itself. The demand for certain documents during a meeting, need for having certain photographs ready at certain moments and keeping the videos on during certain moments mean that these have to be kept with the person from which they have been demanded at every time so that no problem can be faced during the periods when these are demanded.

The storage capacities
The storage capacities for keeping these documents, videos and photographs can be simple USB drive with which the files can be presented on demand and thus the chaos that would have been caused by the same can be eliminated quite easily. A USB drive can provide simple ways to share files between two devices where it has to be connected to different devices at different times so that the files can be transferred from one device to another.
Then the USB cable can be another alternative, but it is a bit more time consuming for the reason that the files have to be copied from a mobile device at once and then has to be transferred to another device with the help of intermediation coming from the computer device in between.
But human shall move towards the best method of sharing files that is through and with the help of Xender that is simply more than a file sharing application. The speeds provided by Xender in addition to its ability to support transfer of all file types make it an interesting option for the user to exploit by simply having to download Xender app from the various application stores or simply having the apk file can mean that files can be transferred simultaneously between two devices at real time.