What are carrageenan and its manufacturing process? Know the answer here

Before moving to the benefits, firstly know that what is carrageenan? It is one of the widely used substances in food industry due to its exclusive properties like stabilizing, thickening as well as gelling. In addition to this, carrageenan is also used in making dairy and meat products. In present scenario, carrageenan comes in three main forms, viz. Kappa- carrageenan, lota- carrageenan and lambda- carrageenan.

Most of the guys out there are always looking for the answer of question, like is carrageenan bad etc. Here you will find the answer to your question. And the answer is no. No, carrageenan is not bad. There are no carrageenan side effects. Anyone can use it without having a problem. Since ages, carrageenan and its derivatives are used to cure colds as well as coughs. The best part of carrageenan is that they are available in powder form so that user can mix it easily in any food or dish.
Process of making carrageenan
Making carrageenan is a long industrial process. Due to which, carrageenan cancer also becomes safe for using in any food. There are many steps involved in making carrageenan. Few steps are given below-
Step 1-Plants of carrageenan are collected from fresh water seaweed. Afterwards, all carrageenan plants are collectively soaked into alkaline solution.
Step 2- Alkaline soaked carrageenan is washed with fresh water moreover chopped with the help of automated plants.
Step 3- The third step is color removal step. In this step, the washed plants of carrageenan are processed in automated machines in order to remove natural color. After all this, once more processed carrageenan plants are washed under fresh water.
Step 4- In this step fresh water washed carrageenan plants are keep for drying with the help of big-processing dryers. Once, all carrageenan is dried it is chopped in factory to make it in powder form.

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